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Digital Learning Day

Post date: February 9, 2023

Location: Latest News

Headline: Digital Learning Day – March 10, 2023

Summary: The second semester Digital Learning Day will be here soon. Students will receive quality instruction in the format of recorded lessons from teachers in all content areas. Read more about the March 10, 2023, Digital Learning Day.

Body copy: The primary goal of Digital Learning Day is to provide all students with learning opportunities while sharpening their skills in technology. Remember, the Digital Learning Day is only a half day of instruction.

Digital Learning Day replaces the traditional early dismissal format for parent conferences. This means March 10, 2023 is a half day. The total time of instruction on Digital Learning Day should not exceed four hours.

Students served in a self-contained special education program will be provided the opportunity to attend school for a half day of instruction. Teachers of these students will be in contact with parents in advance of Digital Learning Day.

Be on the lookout for a brief feedback survey that will be provided via email for parents at the conclusion of Digital Learning Day